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SQL Server On-Line Tutorials has a great on-line tutorial. also.

Steven Wynkoop has built the awe-inspiring Wynkoop Pages are a tremendous resource and include THE SQL Server FAQ and other great information on NT, BackOffice and Web Development. Check out and read his FAQs, tips and tricks and then go to the bookstore and buy some of Steve Wynkoop’s excellent books., Stephen has all his books at Amazon Bookstore. An online version of the Que Special Edition of Using SQL server is at The entire book is online there.

SQL Server Books Recommened By Various Web Readers

“Instant SQL Programming” by Joe Celko. Barnes and Noble’s carries it for about 30 bucks. its a good reference on general SQL, as well as some TSql stuff.

It may be a little dated, and not specific to MS-SQL, but Derek Odegard loves The Practical SQL Handbook by Bowman, Emerson & Darnovsky as the best technical book they have ever read on any topic. So I’d recommend getting this book as a general language reference, as well as a second book to fill out the missing Microsoft-specific stuff.

Doug Miller (dmiller@DEAKIN.EDU.AU) says “If you are a little more advanced than a rank beginner, I recommend: SQL for Smarties by Joe Celko. Iit’s got some really useful code examples for a wide range of ‘awkward’ situations.

Michael Coring likes Fabian Pascal’s “understanding relational databases” published by john wiley & sons. btw, chris date likes the book too.

Mike Culver (mculver@EXTENCIA.COM) recommends “Hitchhikers Guide to Visual Basic & SQL” by William Vaughn (MS Press).

Walter Cook (wcook@NUTLEYSYSTEMS.COM) says:
If you are learning SQL, I would recommend a generic SQL book called A Visual Introduction to SQL by J. Harvey Trimble and David Chappell, John Wiley & Sons, 1989. It is great for a class because it combines theory and diagrams with the code.

Read my review of this book in Visual Basic Recommended reading.