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Table of Contents

General List info:

—–1. What is VISBAS-BEGINNERS mailing list?
—–2. How do you join the list?
—–3. How do you receive the list in digest form?
—–4. How do you send messages to the list?
—–5. About replying
—–6. How do you sign off?
—–7. How do you access the list archives?
—–8. About posting code

Visual Basic information:

—–1. What is Visual Basic?
—–2. How many versions are there?
—–3. What is the difference between versions
of VB?
—–4. What can you do with it?
—–5. How does it compare with other languages?
—–6. Where can you get VB?
—–7. Where can you get VB info on the WEB?

Visual Basics included Help

—–1. What help is there?
—–2. The Visual Basic help File
—–3. The Visual Basic Books Online
—–4. Learning Visual Basic

Programming topics:

—–1. Why do you use the common dialogue control?
—–2. Why do you use the image list control?
—–3. How do you connect Drive, Folder and File list
—–4. How do you use Sliders?
—–5. How do you use Scroll Bars?
—–6. How do you use the Crystal Reports Control?
—–7. Does VB do Classes or OOP(Object oriented
—–8. How do you read the Command line?
—–9. How do you place your App in the Taskbar?
—–10. How do you save program info in a File?
—–11. How do you use the Registry to save program
—–12. How do you make a Help File? –Moved to it’s Own
Page Here
—–13. How do you speed up VB programs?


Code Snippets:

—–1. Finding file existence
—–2. Getting the Windows Directory
—–3. Use the return Key to navigate on your
—–4. Make your form topmost

Making Help Files:

—–1. Programs that you will need
—–2. Programs that do the work for you
—–3. How to add Topics in your RTF file
—–4. How to add Links in your RTF file
—–5. How to add Graphics in your RTF file
—–6. Making Multiple Resolution
—–7. Making Pictures with hotspots
—–8.Example Help Contents File
—–9.Example Help Project File

Windows API:

—–1. What is it?
—–2. The Internet Link call
—–3. The .WAV / MIDI File Player

Making ActiveX controls:

—–1. What are these?

Making a program using Databases:

—–1. Connecting to a Database


—–1.Scroll Bars, toolbars(New 97 Look!),
Menus, Picture Boxes, and Common Dialog controls
—–2. Putting your program in the System Tray
—–3. Making a Screen Saver with VB
—–4. TreeView and ListView. Coming Soon!

FAQ info:

—–1. Where can you get this FAQ?
—–2. Who is the maintainer of this FAQ?
—–3. Contributors
—–4. Whatever else I can think of…

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